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If we’re using a courier to ship your order (out of province or out of our 50km "local delivery" radius), we recommend you select the insurance option on your package at checkout. For a nominal fee, if your package gets lost, stolen or is delayed, our new partner “Route” will ensure that a new order is placed at NO charge. For more information, click link.
-Local Deliveries:
Considered to be within a 50 km radius of YamChops, 705 College Street.
We’re currently offering free delivery and no packaging fees for orders $99 and over.
We’re doing our own deliveries! We guarantee your order will get to you safe and sound!
Select this option if you fall within the 50km radius.
-Free Shipping for orders of $99 and Over:
If you’re located further than a 50km radius of YamChops 705 College, and reside in Ontario or Quebec, select this option.
Free shipping and $12 packaging and handling fee will apply.
-For out of province shipments:
Please select any UPS option available. We highly recommend  selecting the quickest method of shipping to ensure your package arrives in a timely manner, and that you select the insurance option on your package at checkout. 


A Few Frequently Asked Questions!

UPS Standard
We have added a shipping rate for our Ontario customers. This method of shipping allows you to save on your delivery costs, but there is no guarantee that your package will arrive within a 48 hour window. Some frozen and refrigerated products may thaw in the shipping process. We recommend choosing UPS Express Saver when purchasing perishable items, to ensure that they arrive as quickly as possible and in good condition.

Delivery may take anywhere between 2 and 7 days, depending on method of shipment, carrier volume, unforeseen delays from third party carrier services, etc. All products are safe to consume as long as there is not bubbling or bloating of packaging. Please contact us with any questions or concerns!

* Please note, all orders include a $12 flat rate for packaging and handling (this includes orders shipped outside the GTA where our free shipping over $99 in Ontario, and Quebec applies). 

If you have any questions or concerns about shipping that are not answered here, please email us and we would be happy to speak with you!

We do our best to make sure that all product information is accurate, however changes in information on ingredients, packaging, etc may take time to update. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us before ordering.

Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in Canada! Orders within range of our Toronto brick-and-mortar are delivered by courier, while farther away deliveries are shipped with UPS or Canada Post (it is to our discretion to use an alternative carrier depending on availability, etc). To check the cost of delivery to your area, enter your postal code from your shopping cart.


Can I pick-up my order in person?

We are happy to facilitate this for our Toronto friends (or anyone passing through who can pick up at our College Street location). We can take your order over the phone or via email. Give us a call at 416-645-0117, or email We also have a new feature for online ordering to select pick up at checkout. Once your order is received, processed, and prepped you will receive a notification that your order is ready for pick up!


When will I receive my order?

Upon placing your order, we have a 1-3 business day processing time. Once your order is processed and ready to ship you will receive your tracking number. Shipping times vary based on the method of shipping you choose, and we recommend UPS Express Saver over UPS Standard, as it will ensure your frozen and refrigerated items arrive in a timely manner. We do not ship Wednesday - Friday because packages are often delayed over the weekend. Orders placed during business hours on Wednesday to Sunday will typically be held until Monday morning processing. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 12pm-7pm and Saturday & Sunday 12pm-6pm. If you require an order by a certain date, please reach out to us to discuss how we can best accommodate your needs.

How do you ship frozen items?

We ship frozen and refrigerated items with a special refrigerated lined bag with ice packs so everything stays chilly for up to 48hrs! Products may be warm to the touch upon arrival, but because it is plant-based, it won't spoil at the same rate as non-plant-based foods. As always, your sense of taste and smell is your best guide for determining freshness. 

What is your food made from? Is it all vegan?

Yes, everything is 100% vegan and plant-powered! We use a variety of plant-based alternatives to provide a range of flavours for all kinds of diets. Some items are made from organic tofu, some are seitan (wheat protein), some are straight-up veggies or fruit (Black Bean Burgers and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, anyone?) and many of our “meats” are made from a blend of non-GMO soy, pea protein and wheat protein. Many items are also gluten-free! (check out our Gluten Free section). The nutritional information and ingredients for some of our items are listed on their individual pages. If you have any questions about ingredients or regarding specific allergies we are happy to answer your questions via email.