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Vegan Food: It's For Everyone!
When we opened YamChops just a few years ago, little did we know that we were at the vanguard of a movement.

(Okay, maybe we did know a little.)

The thing is: the movement towards more, and different, and better plant-based foods isn't just for vegans. It isn't even just for vegetarians. It's for everyone.

We've been thrilled to be featured in articles like this one in the Huffington Post: it discusses Meatless Mondays, which started as a hashtag and became a movement, as a way for just about anyone to experiment with eating less meat and more plants. 

We call these folks "flexitarians": they aren't ready to go veg or vegan just yet, if ever, but they want to reduce their meat intake and try new ways to eat plants.

What better way to welcome them than to make plants taste even more delicious?

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