YamChops in the Toronto Star: YamChops' Kid-Friendly Vegetable Sushi
 In which we teach the Toronto Star's Karon Liu into our humble College St abode and teach her how to make some of our most scrumptious treats: vegetable sushi rolls that kids love. 

 "As I filet the tomato and drape it over a ball of sushi rice, the look is complete. At a glace, it easily passes for a piece of fatty tuna nigiri, albeit from an all-you-can-eat sushi place, not a high end joint. The wasabi brings out the sweet acidity of the tomato while the warm sushi rice contrasts its watery crunch.

It’s a tasty snack and I end up making — and eating — four more at YamChops owner Michael Abramson’s cooking demonstration held at PC Cooking School in the Charlton St. Loblaws store.

YamChops is a vegan prepared-food shop billed as a vegetable butchery. It offers seitan, (protein derived from wheat) seasoned and shaped like chicken and beef as well as carrots marinated and baked to resemble smoked salmon. I’ve always been perplexed as to why nonmeat eaters would eat something meant to simulate meat."

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