The Most Underrated Food Stops in Little Italy

"If you’re like me when you think vegan you immediately think bland and boring, although this vegetarian butcher shop is anything but. View the Vibe tells it like it is!"

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Carla Naylor:

I discovered this place a year ago.I would pass it lots of times.My Aunt was here visiting&I said I want to try this interesting plc that I keep passing.We went for lunch,the food was delicous!&then My Aunt bought all of stuff there for thanksgiving dinner.It was Awsume!!!

Mar 09, 2018

Mrs Estes:

Would love to have you in California!! Do you ship here?

Aug 19, 2017

Karen Cattell:

I read where you were planning on opening a shop in Vancouver, but I can’t find your location. Do you have a shop here yet? It looks so good!!!

Jul 20, 2017

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